Mishann views Lathander as a usurper of Amaunator's light and doesn't like it when people confuse the two deities." It may come as no surprise that Lathander and Chauntea were romantically connected for centuries. Pesudonyms: Amaunator (in ancient Netheril and Nog), At’ar (in Aunauroch), Horus (in Mulhorand), Stronmaus (among Firbolgs) Lathander, the Morninglord, was, as they say, “the first against the wall when the revolution came”. I advise taking a colourful icon. However, he does not acknowledge mortal worshippers or grant spells, interacting with mortals only during the most unusual of circumstances, such as the Time of Troubles. Ever willing to pass over the defeats of today to f… Amaunator is the original God of the sun in the Forgotten Realms setting. Combat He supports those in need and opposes all that is evil. He alone can allow new deities to join the pantheons of Forgotten Realms. Worshipers of the gnomish deity Segojan Earthcaller offer up gems and bury them in … A new god, Lathander… Lord Ao is the Overdeity of the Forgotten Realms. Radiant S… That makes a lot of sense. He rules over the Nine Hells and all of the Archdevils below him. It was eventually revealed, following the Spellplague that Lathander, the Faerûnian god of the sun, was an aspect of the long-dormant Amaunator. Gods of the cold and dark may get lot of propitiatory sacrifices and offerings. Its quality varies from uncommon to legendary with its rank. The misrepresentations of his followers". For a millennia, he looked over humanity's greatest civilization. Posted on March 03, 2016. fb twitter. Amaunator's creed was a strict adherence to the Law, to the point that he supposedly only claimed the portfolio of Time due to a punctuation mistake which said that "Amaunator shall be responsible for all time. In the chaos following Mystra's death and Cyric's imprisonment, Netheril was restored, which prompted the revelation that Lathander was, in fact, Amaunator, god of the sun. LAWFUL GOOD Greater God of Heaven PORTFOLIO: Good, Light, Protection, Life, Civilization SYMBOL: A golden disk with a rising sun WOR. He was revered by many rulers, soldiers, and powerful wizards. He was quite widely worshipped, though was seen as quite a harsh deity, in contrast to the compassionate Lathander. Amaunator is the ancient sun god of Netheril. The FR Wiki and Roll of Years. Since his resignation, Franciscus holds the unique title of " Pontifex Maximus Emeritus ". Single handed. So strong, in fact, that he was able to wield a mace that was roughly the size of himself, and far heavier. Item Level: 360 . He is revered by farmers, merchants, and nomads who follow the seasons and the turning of the celestial clock, as well as paladins who battle undead. Blessed Armaments vs Towering Light : since Exaltation is kind of a must have now, Blessed Armament, which decreases damage taken for 10s after using Divine Glow or … My Completely Insane List of Notable Years in the FR Timeline. Lathander war die Reinkarnation von Amaunator und ist im Jahr 1479 wieder als dieser bekannt. Amaunator has reclaimed his full suite of powers and his original mission, effectively ending Lathander's … Pelor was known as Sol by the early Oeridians. According the Third Edition rules for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, the official cleric domains of Amaunator are Law, Nobility, Planning, Sun, and Time. Amaunator is the god of the sun and time. Amaunator (pronounced ah-MAWN-ah-tor ) was the Netherese solar deity of order, the sun, law and time. A Goblin Paladin named Borgit. Lathander’s name is invoked to seal alliances and start new ventures or companies. Lathander (pronounced lah-THAN-der), whose title is The Morninglord, was the neutral good aspect of Amaunator, worshiped in earlier days as a deity of creativity, dawn, renewal, birth, athletics, spring, self-perfection, vitality and youth. Binds on Equip (Character) Artifact Equipment. 2 Bane An ancient Netheresedeity of order and the sun, Amaunator was also revered as the patron of law and time. However, it is made clear that even Lord Ao has his own master at the end of Waterdeep, the third book of The Avatar Series. That's not even mention that deity-like beings aren't able to enter the prime material plane in D&D and FR in general without special artifact summonings or through the use of avatars. The Solnor Ocean is named for him.Among the Bakluni, Pelor is known as Al'Asran. Asmodeus. His symbol is a sun with a face on the solar disk. Rasaad will mention Amaunator a few times throughout the series and the player can discover two of his ancient temples in Baldur's Gate II. A ghaele can take the form of an incorporeal globe of eldritch colors, 5 feet in diameter. At the age of 25 he became the as Grand Marshal of the military, leading the troops of the Theocracy to victory against many demons and undead. Worshipers of Mielikki celebrate the Second Feast and praise the Forest Lady with song. Notable Characteristics: Is also the god Lathander. Lathander's Belt. Amaunator and Lathander appear to be separate deities now. Though he is among the oldest of the Faerunian pantheon, the Morninglord nonetheless retains the cheery optimism of youth that makes him the perfect symbol of beginnings. Funerals, among his followers, are held at dusk, and followed by a wake that lasts until dawn. Most ceremonies of Lathander are held at dawn and actions and contracts agreed to at sunrise are said to be blessed by him. She calls Amaunator 'the Morninglord', a name that southerners use to describe Lathander, a god of the dawn and rebirth. [citation needed], Lathander and Chauntea had been romantically connected for centuries, and saw each other as kindred spirits. Oh, an ugly Goblin he was, but he was pious, and very strong. Ghaeles speak Celestial, Infernal, and Draconic, but can communicate with almost any creature, thanks to their tongues ability.. His favored weapon is the Scepter of the Eternal Sun and his clergy typically us… Rank: 60 (maximum) This enchanted belt is woven from the rays of the morning sun, or at least that's what the mage weavers that create them say. Those who are sick, young, or venerate creativity worship Lathander happily. This is a story of a Goblin. His church teaches that he has died and been reborn time and again, like the turning of a great clock. So yeah... he's a classic RAWabuser to gain more power… Speculation: Amaunator might be the concept of Law and Order, and at the very least, is the embodiment of it and represents it. I'm aware that 4e had revealed that the rumors that Lathander was a reincarnation of Amaunator were true, and that following the Spellplague he reassumed his old form. The Statue of Amaunator is the giver of life, much like that of the sun that shines high above us day in and day out, burning out the darkness that night has to bring with it. Whenever humans embark on a new journey, enter a contract, or start a political or romantic relationship, chances are good that they whisper a prayer to Lathander(lah-than-der), deity of dawn, renewal, and vitality. He favored those who dispelled the undead and blessed those who planted new life. If affected victims leave the area of effect, they still suffer the spell's effects until the spell expires. During the dark, cold winters, people pray to see the sun rise again and look for protection in the darkness. Paladins and rangers are found among his worshipers. In Lathander’s Name. God of the sun and summer, Pelor is the keeper of time. A powerful, exuberant god, Lathander is known as the Commander of Creativity and the Morninglord. An Archevil, the Supreme Lord of the Nine Hells and the Lord of Nessus. :LG, NG, CG, LN, N. A powerful, exuberant god, Lathander (Lah-THAN-der) is known as the Commander of Heaven and the Morninglord.When Lathander is depicted, he is most often shown as a king in golden armor … He was viewed as a harsh but fair deity, revered by many rulers, soldiers and powerful wizards.